October 4, 2014

Winterblot Tap Takeover & Metal Fest

We're really looking forward to playing this show in Minneapolis this winter with these great bands. Hosted by our friend Austin Lunn of Hammerheart Brewing Co!

July 8, 2015

News On The Upcoming Album

We've been hard at work on our fourth full-length album. We finished up the recording process in April and are now working on mixing, mastering, and creating the album artwork. This is shaping up to be our most dynamic, technical, and lengthy work yet.

We are very eager to finish!

FEBRUARY 27, 2016


We have been invited once again to play the Hammerheart Brewing Festival in Minneapolis, for the second year in a row. This year's fest takes place over two days, and we're excited to play with such an eclectic group!

May 15, 2016

Recent Live Shows

We've just finished a busy couple of months playing shows in Minneapolis and the Pacific Northwest, and just want to say thanks to everyone who helped set things up last-minute, and for coming out to see us play. Also, a big thanks to Austin Lunn for having us play his Hammerheart fest for the second year in a row – it's easily the highlight for the past two years. We are now officially on our six month "hiatus" while Jarrod is out of state for work. We will continue to fulfill orders in our store, and new shirt designs and patches will be available very soon.

september 4, 2017

discontinuing website

We will no longer be updating this website as of November 1, 2017. Please check our Facebook page and Bandcamp page for all updates, going forward.

September 13, 2014

Decibel Review

Depths received an 8/10 in the latest issue of Decibel.

March 27, 2014

Pitchfork Review

We're happy to see that Depths was recently reviewed by Pitchfork.



Depths, the third album from Woman
is the Earth, was written and recorded in the Winter of 2013. Released by Init Records in April, 2014.

DEPTHS (2014)

torch of our final night (2016)

This is our second full-length album, written over the course of three years. Much time and effort was put into writing and recording the album to uphold our original conception of the music. In addition to guitars and drums, a variety of instruments were used, including a Roland Juno-60, bass guitar, classical guitar & ocarina. ‘This Place That Contains My Spirit’ was written, recorded, and mixed/mastered/produced by us in our home. The album reflects a yearning to reconnect with the spirit of the natural world in a time when that connection is quickly dissolving.


No, this is not a reissue of the horrible album by Oceano released five years ago. So, things are already off to a good start. Nor is this a release from an alternative commune in which men are flogged into subservience. It’s atmospheric black metal from South Dakota, an ambient trip through lush soundscapes and dense note clusters.

Satan and Valhalla don’t have much currency in black metal these days. Rachel Carson, however, does. Bands like Wolves in the Throne Room and Altar of Plagues make you feel a longing for the things man once viewed as magical: the Earth and skies and even the ancient gods. Woman Is the Earth offer another long-form elegy. The winding, involved songs aren’t an impediment; you aren’t there for a moment, but for the journey.

Many of the better black metal bands of the past decade-plus are those that look to their desolate surroundings to shape their sound. With Wolves, it was the rural forests of Oregon, which aren’t desolate, but offer isolation. AOP document a world in peril (“Neptune Is Dead” on Mammal). Woman Is the Earth offer a requiem and a celebration for their native South Dakota. The band takes time to notice what’s going on: the space, the hidden wonder, the truth inherent in the natural world. They translate that for the listener, particularly in the opening to “Child of Sky,” which is part chant and part prayer and all-encompassing and glorious. But there’s not any outrage; rather, there is a sense that this band wants to document something before it’s gone forever.  – Justin M. Norton

Woman Is The Earth: “Crown & Bone/Dreamer”

To most of us, the Black Hills of South Dakota seem like wild, unexplored territory. But to the three souls behind Woman Is The Earth, it’s just home, and those wide open surroundings must have informed the spacious songwriting on their latest release. The atmospheric black-metal trio have just completed work on their third full-length, Depths, out April 1 on Init. It’s a gorgeous, impassioned album, and miles ahead of even their best earlier work (like 2012’s solid This Place That Contains My Spirit, which Eisenwald is due to rerelease in April). Woman Is The Earth aren’t quite reinventing the wheel, but they do polish it up awfully nice with post-black metal gloss. Lush melodies shimmer and pulsate alongside cruel tremolo riffs and ragged howls, homage is paid to both Weakling and the early days of Wolves in the Throne Room, and the final result is pretty spellbinding.

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